More About BlockUp® 

BlockUp is a unique, patented, fast-build construction block system. Its strength, durability, and flexibility are similar to concrete masonry, but the system differs in its fast, precise, and efficient assembly. 

BlockUp is a grouted system that eliminates mortar from its construction, allowing for an installation four times faster than a regular CMU wall. Mechanical levelers at the base course are precisely set and grouted solid, providing a substantial and accurate starter course. 

Rather than a using a typical block and mortar system, which requires the mixing, buttering, furrowing, and tooling of mortar, BlockUp uses a tight tolerance, interlocking unit, and internal grout. The system allows for a fast installation time, easy stacking properties, and a crisp and precise aesthetic. 

Designed into the block’s shell face is a drainage plane which diverts water to the sloped shoulder and toward the block exterior. This water-weeping system results in dry walls, fewer moisture problems, less callbacks, and a better performing system.

A combination of large and small cell grout plugs allows the installer to reinforce the structure with rebar both horizontally and vertically. The small cell is grouted, sealing vertical joints and adding structural continuity. 

BlockUp gives builders the option of using core inserts in the large block cells. These inserts are set, allowing grout placement that continuously bonds and seals the horizontal block joint, providing both structure and waterproofing while using 40% less grout than a fully grouted system. The blocks become a connected fabric that can be internally reinforced in multiple ways. 

The BlockUp system can be used for a diverse range of applications, including foundation walls, structural walls, masonry backup walls, interior and exterior finish walls, fire walls, and prefabricated wall panels. The BlockUp system provides the benefits of good weather-ability, a crisp installed aesthetic, a minimal need for other trade components, fast assembly, superior construction, cost-effectiveness, and flexibility with factory finishes.